dan cigler

hallo und herlich willkommen auf meiner seite


mech_e background turned industrial designer


diabetes diagnosis sparked developer career

a little about me


I grew up in the western suburbs of chicago


I idolized my grandfather, army ranger, pacific WWII


I played waterpolo, work on cars and love to hunt


I can fix almost anything and have to know how things work


started university as mechanical engineer but graduated as an industrial designer


I started a business that lasted a year, but I still quit my day job to try

recent work

secoaka Sugar EcoSystem

Seco (short for Sugar-Ecosystem, pronounced like eco) is an app that analyzes how factors like stress, sleep and the environment affect your blood sugar. Your body is an ecosystem (like a rainforest). So, to effectively manage your blood sugar, you have to understand how it relates to everything else.

How does it work?

Seco analyzes your glucose trends for the relationships between your blood sugar and variables in the weather and your health data, such as your insulin timing and sleep patterns.

What is the ecosystem?

The Ecosystem is not only a noun and a way to describe the name of this app. But also a representation of what I think the ideal stack of tools and devices are for a diabetic to live their best life.


Is an independent design studio helping canna-businesses create better products faster through design sprint framework, compressing months work into days.

Des Plaines River

capturing new perspectives

Using the Mavic Pro drone has allowed my photography and video production capabilites to expand expontentially. With cinematic quality angles and shots the Mavic drone enables me to provide informational and captivating videos for personal or professional use.

older work

unique joinery helped accomplish this design
detail of a floating mortise & tenon joint
handmade flower vase
dyed concrete coffee container
vacuum molded waterfall coffee table
launching Beton on Kickstarter
designed a wahl hair trimmer case
designed and built my own cnc

things I'm hireable for



  • website & web app/software development
  • design sprints or design feedback
  • seo & google analytics
  • qc/review or feeback on your project
  • ui/wireframe or mockups
  • contract or quick jobs that need immediate attention
  • website consulation


  • product photography
  • short product videos/clips or b roll
  • travel to location
  • drone footage for products
  • location based drone footage or overhead stills
  • 4k video editing and rendering
  • photo editing and retouching

want to get in touch?