This project is a personal project to raise awareness and money for Type 1 Diabetes. Being diagnosed December of 2017 has change my perspective in life. I want to use what I know I am good at to help others. Especially living with the same chronic disease.


Through the use of a BMW E30 and modern design practices. This car will retain its classic look but be molded with modern conveniences and data logging technology for real-time feedback to the driver or passenger.

Given that my personal design philosophy has been shaped from Dieter Rams and Bauhaus/Art & Crafts ideals - I am personally designing, building and shaping every single part that I am adding to this car.

The outcome is to ideally be unveiled in Las Vegas 2019 at SEMA.

I want to donate 25% of all proceeds JDRF for research into curing Type 1 Diabetes.

The goal from there on out is to develop parts and cars with the same idea in mind, 25% proceeds get donated to JDRF. Because I was diagnosed at the age of 25.

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